Sabina sitting casually
Sabina Nougarède is a bubbly woman and a bundle of energy.

She graduated in fashion business and started her career at 17 years old. During her studies she makes costumes for dance schools, and has the chance to enter the costume & high fashion workshops in Paris as a seamstress.

Every year, Sabina presents her new themed collections during private events. She develops her inspiration and curiosity through different trips in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Her artistic skills are boosted with these different cultures that allow her to extend her renown in the fashion industry.

“wonder gives life to creativity”

In 2010, her passion, creativity and her dedication allowed her to create her brand “INTERDICTION”.

Concerning events, in 2010 Sabina presented her collection “Carmencita” at “Divan du monde” with soft and bubbly colours that will make every woman more feminine than ever, with silky clothes. In 2012, she presents “Rebel Doll” ; in 2013 a collection for men “7 deadly sins” ; in 2014 “Be Unique” ; in 2015 she brings together with Arenas Jewelery, a fine jewelery designer, as Artistic Director and creates unique pieces.

In 2019, she is back with a new theme : “Joy & Simplicity” first introduced at the Generator during the fashion week. An essential of the moment, wishing a great discovery to you ladies, and looking forward to seeing you soon gentlemen.

Sabina allows herself everything. Like her, be bold so your passions come true.